Webcasting for the 2013 Best Coffee In Oregon Campionships


Over the weekend we had a chance to work with the AV crew at the 2013 Best Coffee In Oregon Championships and provide webcasting for the show. The event was held at the Oregon State Fair and drew a large crowd.

The event involved video content, live camera feeds and PowerPoint slides, that were mixed and then fed to us. We used our Blackmagic ATEM 1/ME to capture the video and then streamed it out to LiveStream via our encoding computer.

We had originally planned to use the venue’s internet connection, but on a test it kept dropping out because of the load of other users. We switched to our backup portable access point and everything was solid.

Web streaming can be a great way to multiply the impact of your event by allowing people that cannot be onsite to participate in your event.

With the use of live chat, commenting and Twitter your event can even be interactive.

If you would like to live stream your next event, just contact us.

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