The new Atomos Blade, the Sony PDWF800 and Food Forward

IMG_20130828_173239We had a visit the afternoon from the fine folks at Food Forward (check them out at The brought along their Sony PDWF800 and we hooked them up with the new Samurai Blade from Atomos.

They had been using a Sound Devices recorder, but it was a battery hog, bulky and the proprietary media costs a fortune.

The new Samurai Blade records in Apple ProRes 422, ProRes HQ and ProRes LT and  draws very little power, just 6 watts, records on inexpensive SSD hard drives and has a beautiful new 1280 x 720 (720p), 325dpi screen. The new Samurai Blade hard disk video recorder even works with the Sony record triggers over HD-SDI.

I looks like the Sony PDWF800 and the Atomos Samurai Blade will be a great match.

Good luck to the crew at Food Forward, look for it on a PBS Station in your town soon.



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