Pictures In The Park 2008

Last summer we produced a series of four movie screenings (two in Scappoose, Oregon and two in Gresham, Oregon) for Pictures In The Park (

This year we will be producing five shows at Main Street Park in Gresham. It should be fun, we had a great time last year!

We have a different screen setup this year it is the same height as last year at about 9′ but this one is 15ft wide. This lets us use a bit larger viewing area for 4 out of 5 movies that will be wide screen. We will also be using our new Mackie sub woofer and 4 main speakers instead of 2. It sounded great last year so hopefully it will sound that much better this year.

This year we will also be using our OCEAN Matrix OMX-7240A video switcher. This will let us switch quickly between the pre-show power point presentation and the movie. In the past we have had to physically switch cables between the laptop and the DVD player. With the switcher all we need to do is push a button – it is very cool.

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